Irrelevancy of Satanic Trolls

“Trolls Suck.” Betty White

Internet trolls are as old as the internet, but the Satanic Troll enjoys a special place in internet Satanism, they have created an art form upon which reputations for trolling are built.  One troll by the name of “Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik,” or by his better known name Grand Magister Blackwood, has announced to the world his retirement from internet trolling.

The internet has matured to be less wild than it once was, the user has more control over their patch of the internet, forums are less popular, the corporates denying the cover of internet anonymity.  The troll has less freedom and opportunity to indulge in their favoured hobby of trolling the internet.  In a noisy internet, the lonely voice of the Satanic troll is rarely now heard.

Blackwood has become a legend amongst Satanic trolls, to the point your average Satanic forum moderator can smell him on contact and will instinctively hit the delete user button.  Most Satanist forums no longer tolerate the troll and thus the troll has limited scope to indulge in their favoured pursuit.  Blackwood is a relic of a past internet era, the sort who claimed leadership of all of Satanism, took on impressive Satanic titles and through the anonymity of the internet strutted around causing drama.  Blackwood is a dinosaur who failed to move with the times, he and his like have been replaced with a younger more sophisticated internet user, the internet less wild and more mainstream.  The voice of one individual drowned amongst millions who prefer content over empty rants.

Rants by an anonymous person about another anonymous person few have heard about, few care about, are ignored.  The ranting clown upon their soapbox raging into the internet void alone, nobody cares, few will hear.  Blackwood is special, he did manage to get his name known to the new Satanic generation, but it was his trolling rather than his brand of Satanism he became known for. Less well known personalities have tried and failed to reach the level of trolling notoriety that Blackwood did.  Blackwood has become a trolling brand name, some have used, using his name to advance their own cause, and thus in doing gave Blackwood fame amongst the new Satanist generation.

Content is king, it is the mantra even of business, sell less, more content. Being the loudest mouth on the internet is no longer enough, everyone screams and rants, nobody listens, they are interested in content.  I follow blogs with a Satanist theme, but the ranters after a few posts become less interesting.  One blog ranted against devil worship, I posted a comment, they unprofessionally edited my whole comment with words that I never wrote, it is these experiences that encourage the internet user to turn away from ranting sites in favour of content.  The sophisticated internet Satanist is looking for content rather than indulging anonymous trolls with impressive looking titles, this is why Blackwood is out of business.  The world has moved on.


3 thoughts on “Irrelevancy of Satanic Trolls

  1. Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Response To Claims By The Jealous!
    Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Leader of Theistic Satanism.

    Myth: Grand Magister Blackwood is retired from Satanism.
    Truth:While Grand Magister Blackwood the pen name of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik is not operating a Church, he is active in Satanism in the off-line environment.
    Myth: Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik is an Internet Troll.
    Truth: While being rather forward, and well educated in Theistic Satanism, I am not always the most liked person, nor do I care, I have found most hosts lack understanding of Satanism from a historical perspective to either debate me or offer even close to real commentaries regarding Satanism.
    I have maintained networks of people unmatched in Satanism and thus the uneducated often formulate the idea that I troll, I can often argue with people but I chose not to, I have always specialized in Church building which took recruiting not just sitting around.
    Myth: No paperwork can be found on my Church.
    Truth:I have publicity made available all legal paperwork on my Churches which meet all requirements of the I.R.S.
    Myth: Blackwood self appointed himself.
    Truth: I am one of only a few who actually did not just purchase his or her titles or reverend documents I earned my documents, then proceeded keeping in line with legal documentation had a reverend of my Church re-ordain me in my own Church so my legalities now stand, I can ordain and still have legalities over marriage and funerals.
    If one ever has any questions I have been involved in Satanism since 1987, contact me at

    I answered a article posted by a “Reverse Christian.”
    I suggest readers who seek a real Satanic experience read the following blog:

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