The new Cult of Satanic Ignorance

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

I have been seeing a growing trend of ignorance about Satanism amongst young and old in Satanic circles.  The Satanism that I grew up in ain’t like it used to be.  Here follows quotes and my comments on a recent post to a Satanic forum from the new Cult of Satanic Ignorance, this ignorant “Satanist” produced an agenda of Satanic ideals under the heading “SATANIC UNITY AGENDAS/ MANIFESTO”:

“-to unify Satanists everywhere and create solidarity between groups.”

A key point of Satanism is to break from conformity, to do your own thing.  The moment an individual conforms under the banner of “unity” it ceases to be Satanism.

“-to promote the flag of Satanic Unity”

See my comment above.

“-To promote April 30th as “Satanic Pride day” worldwide”

If a Satanist is not proud of who they are, why are they a Satanist? Satanists have no need to validate themselves, or be judged or seek the need of approval by others.  Only insecure people need a “Pride day” to validate themselves to others. If you feel insecure, Satanism ain’t for you, try Jesus.

“-To put a stop to current infighting amongst Satanic groups as this achieves nothing, save to weaken us and to strengthen our enemies.”

Conflict is the way of the world.  Satanism is an individualistic path, and conflict goes with the territory.  The ideal Satanist is doing their own thing, therefore they won’t be conforming or agreeing to what the crowd is saying.  Individualism is strength in the Satanist, conformity to the masses is weakness, and Jesus loves weak people.

“-To promote Satanism as a viable lifestyle and/or religion rather than the rebel buzzword it is now.”

Satanism is a viable path, but is a path of rebellion.  Satan in Hebrew means “the opposer.”  Satanism to some ignorant people has become a marketable commodity to be packaged and sold to the masses, however, the nature of the Satanist is to rebel against this garbage.

“-To see Satanists portrayed in a realistic manner by the media and protest our negative, offensive and stereotyped portrayal by them.”

Welcome to the real world of the media and public opinion, they choose what they want to believe in and nothing a Satanist will do will change that.  Satanism will always be the minority individualist path, which will be hated and maligned by the conformist majority.  Satanists have no need for approval or validation, the opinion of the masses are irrelevant to the individual Satanist. Satanism includes the clowns, mentally ill and the sadistic thugs who the media will always use to define what we are to their readers.  Cleaning up other people’s garbage from roads and publicising lost children is fine for Jesus but bad for Satanism.

“-To promote civil discussion between satanists of all denominations and persuasions for the purposes of strengthening ourselves, ensuring our survival and the advancement of our paths.”

Conflict is the reality, Satanists being individuals will naturally conflict with each other and the world.  The alternative which is conformity and Jesus fails to appeal to me.  Advancement is a choice of the individual, which has nothing to do with mass hippy-love sentiments.

“-to end government and legal intervention in private matters, recognizing the individuals right to live as they choose and to defend their lifestyle by any legal means necessary.”

Politics is the individual choice of the Satanist.  The Satanist expressing the nature of what Satanism is by default opposes the enslaving influences of Government. Attempts to unify Satanists undermines the Satanic will of rebellion and individuality.

“-to support satanic candidates seeking local, county, state (and federal-usa) positions.”

Satanist political candidates will never be elected into office by the conformist masses.  If a Satanist wants to be elected then they intelligently hide their Satanism and play the same game as other self-serving politicians.  Satanism is a path of individualism with no relevance to public service or enslavement to the political process.

“-to provide help and support, moral, emotional and where possible practical, to those who are persecuted by for their Satanic beliefs.”

Satanists are not victims, neither indulge in victim mentality.  Jesus is for victims.

“these are only rough and will be expanded and refined in the future. opinions and ideas are welcome.”

Here is an idea for these ignorant people, join the Mormons.


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