Satanic heat over abortion debate

“So religion should neither force upon nor deny an abortion for any woman, in our thinking.  Freedom with responsibility is the hallmark of civilized behavior to the Satanist.”  Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan

Recently, the honouring of the Lord of Darkness by abortion rights activists with chants of “Hail Satan!” at a protest in Texas USA attracted the attention of CNN (USA), the Daily Telegraph newspaper (UK) and a clash between Satanists belonging to the Church of Satan.

Although the US-based Church of Satan has worldwide representation, UK-based Satanists have a long tradition of being involved in Satanism, having entertained the masses by being burned at the stake long before Hollywood gave it the celluloid treatment.  UK Satanists have set up their own unofficial Twitter feed (@UKChurchofSatan), which added to the misunderstandings that suggested they were a branch of or a separate entity to Church of Satan.

On the back of the misunderstandings about the status of the UK Church of Satan Twitter feed was an angry Peter Gilmore, the current head of the overall Church of Satan, who after condemning the act of Satanic-spirited individualism of his UK member counterparts, spelled out to the media the official Church of Satan position on abortion (see above opening quote.)

At the time of writing the UK Church of Satan Twitter feed seems somewhat oblivious to the hellish fire-storm it has unleashed from the sinister hierarchy of the Church of Satan, and gives the mild congenial appearance that UK Satanists are pro-life.

Of course it is misleading to assume that an official position of a Satanic group or a Twitter feed is representative of Satanists as a whole.  Satanism at its core is about individualism, thus you may have Satanists both for and against abortion.

Satanism at its core promotes liberty of thinking, free will and personal choice.  Any position taken by a Satanist that embraces morality is a long slippery slope back to Jesus.  If it is the position of a Satanist to indulge in the liberty of personal choice, it is by default an argument for allowing women the personal choice to have an abortion or not.  Peter Gilmour in addition adds a significant addendum to his quote about freedom of choice, which is of responsibility, if you don’t want a baby, use contraception.


3 thoughts on “Satanic heat over abortion debate

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  2. I read these Tweets as soon as the uproar occurred.

    I would dissagree that the ‘UK Church of Satan’ were stating that were all for Pro-life? It seems to me that they agreed with both sides? Or neither? On one hand they mentioned how life was good, then on the other stated that “everyone is entitled to choice.”

    Personally I felt they were more concerned about the fact that Satan’s name was used to aid an argument inappropriately.

    Not sure how people seem think that the hell fire was unleashed between the two Churches. Was pretty clear to me!

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