Arguing Satanic Retards

“Arguing with retards on the internet is like playing chess with a pigeon.
No matter how good you play the pigeon is going to knock over the pieces,
crap on the board and strut around like he’s victorious.”  Anonymous.

The world of spiritual or theistic Satanism has its own collection of colourful characters with titles and churches who whilst marketing their beliefs indulge in an ongoing campaign to discredit each other. Three Satanic Churches are involved in the latest ongoing fighting being Temple of Satan, Church of Leviathan and the Church of Malphas.

It was once the done thing to be sinister and evil as a Satanist, now it is the case of which Satanist is the most moralistic and good, as each casts accusations of criminal and shock horror Satanic vices at each other.

Temples of Satan is run by a well known character called Tom Erik Raspotnik who also is known as GM Blackwood. This is one character who enjoys being banned from every Satanic forum known to mankind. Mr Raspotnik claims ownership of Satanism, spending his life attacking other Theistic Satanist groups. He is considered by some a closet Christian who runs an ongoing campaign to undermine Satanist groups, nothing surprises me.

Church of Leviathan is a typical internet group run by a group of individuals with “reverend” in front of their names.  Amateur, with some of their postings made by a typical high school kid, they have been attacking the Church of Malphas.

The Church of Malphas was founded in January 2013, and is subject to attacks from both Temples of Satan and the Church of Leviathan.  The Church of Malphas website looks credible enough, but their claims of association with an entity called Malphas, who also appears to be their elected president Barbara Malphas-Samael, and a mysterious human called the Queen stretches credibility even for a Satanist.  They appear to contradict themselves when they claim they have no belief system when their website clearly sets out their beliefs.  The section “Who is the Queen”  is an amusing story that could have been conjured up by a child.  There is a WordPress blog that claims to be the official blog of this group, and indulges in attacks on other Satanic groups.

As a Satanist I am witnessing a group of retards giving Satanism a “bad” name.  Be prepared for a drop of IQ in reading the retarded postings of these groups, and an urge to cuddle kittens.


2 thoughts on “Arguing Satanic Retards

  1. In my dealings with most of these theists they come off as rather silly, as they take themselves so seriously in claims of direct communication with one devil, deity or what-have-you. Aside from their “spiritual” mumbo-jumbo, the only tangible thing I see them produce is shaming and scapegoating their rival diabolists. At the end of the day, what is your purported religion, “god” or “devil” doing for YOU?

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