Satanist Guru goes AWOL in a dungeon

“I discourage a cult of personality” Newt Gingrich.

The Satanist movement like the New Age movement claims a large number of colourful crazy self-appointed loons such as Derrick Dishaw, also known as Venger Satanis, the self appointed high priest of the Cult of Cthulhu.

Never mind that Cthulhu is a work of pure fiction, there are those who take the fantasy stories seriously, some even created their own Satanic religion based upon it.  Give a Satanist a self-appointed title such as High Priest, they start thinking they are leader of the entire universe.  Derrick Dishaw is a pleasant enough fantasist compared to other self-appointed gurus, taking himself seriously he has subjected Satanist forums with plenty of entertainment over the last few years with his claims of being a devoted follower of green slime and tentacles.  Derrick Dishaw baptised his child in green slime and attracted a few dozen devoted harmless loons to his Cult too.

Claiming ownership of all Satanic movements Derrick Dishaw weaved into his Satanic Cult comic book characters, Cthulhu, body building and various items of food to show however sinister Satanism may be there is always a clown to lighten the mood.  Over the years there was plenty of drama as self-appointed Satanist gurus fought over the right to claim the souls of deluded individuals, as well as the comical efforts to market their Satanic credentials on internet forums.

In recent months the Cult of Cthulhu has been without its self-appointed Satanic master as he devotes his life to playing dungeons and dragons.  No doubt on his return to dominating the world of Satanism perhaps a new cult will emerge based upon elves and goblins.


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